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John Baza, Director of Oil, Gas and Mining, State of Utah

Director's Message

"The mining of coal, minerals, oil and natural gas production play an important part in Utah's economy, and without these natural resources we would not enjoy the standard of living we do in our modern society. The Division of Oil, Gas and Mining ensures our access to these natural resources in an environmentally responsible manner, while our Abandoned Mine Program works to protect the public from the dangers of unregulated past mining practices. Our employees really do make it happen."

John R. Baza
Utah Division of Oil, Gas and Mining

John Rodgers Associate Director Oil and Gas

John Rogers
Associate Director Oil and Gas,
Utah Division of Oil, Gas and Mining

Dana Dean Associate Director Mining

Dana Dean
Associate Director Mining,
Utah Division of Oil, Gas and Mining

Oil and gas production plays a vital role in the economy of Utah. The demand for reliable and affordable energy is essential for the well being of our state. Through wise public policy we can develop our natural resources which encourage economic growth and responds to public need.

At the Division of Oil, Gas and Mining, we support the environmentally responsible development of essential petroleum resources with a commitment to the public's safety, needs and education. We are committed to protecting the environment through the regulatory processes that monitor the growth of responsible energy development.

Please use this website as a valuable asset in your education, assistance to your work process and a communication tool with the Division.
"Minerals production has continued to generate jobs and wealth for the State of Utah. The value of coal production in 2011 was $660 Million. Other solid minerals mined in 2011 were worth $4.58 Billion. The state benefits through various taxes and royalties. At the Division we are proud to be a part of this thriving sector of Utah's economy, by both permitting the mines and ensuring they have no adverse environmental impacts."


OGM Governor's ScoreCard


The Division of Oil,Gas and Mining (OGM) is committed to bringing value and innovation to Utah through service and technology. Each Quarter OGM renews their service commitment to Utah Executive branch agencies through the Governors score card. These Agreements identify key agency business products and services, information and technology needed to support them. Utilizing the Balanced Score Card methodology, OGM measures fulfillment and the customer's experience. Together these provide us, and our customers, with a score card of our performance.

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  • Tar Sands

    ***Update 1/23/2013***
    After a December 5th, 2012 hearing regarding this matter, the Board of Oil, Gas and Mining upheld the Division's decision to issue a permit for the PR Springs Mine. Any appeal of the decision must be made to the Utah Supreme Court.

    The Board of Water Quality also recently upheld the Division of Water Quality's decision to issue a groundwater discharge permit to the mine operators. This decision has been appealed to the Utah Supreme Court.

    The Division of Oil, Gas and Mining issued tentative approval for the PR Springs tar sands mine on May 20, 2009. The Notice of Intention to Commence Large Mining Operations contains all of the required technical and environmental information to ensure that mining activities at the PR Springs Mine will meet all federal and state laws and regulations.

    Some of the pertinent facts of the PR Springs project are found below.

    * Earth Energy Resources intends to mine tar sands from the Douglas Creek member of the Green River formation.

    * The mine site straddles the county border of Uintah and Grand counties in the East Tavaputs Plateau.

    * The required reclamation surety is $1,679,200.00, which has not yet been submitted and must be submitted before any disturbance may take place. The reclamation surety is held by the Division for reclamation of the following:

    - 213 acres of disturbance in Phase 1, which is projected for seven years. Additional phases may extend the life of mine to 10 years or more.

    - Surface facilities will include an ore processing facility, a water retention pond, a tank farm, and various other buildings. The process train is designed to accommodate 3000-3500 tons of ore per day and to produce about 2000 barrels of bitumen per day. The operator expects to use about 1.5-2 barrels of water per barrel of bitumen produced.

    - There will be three topsoil stockpile areas, two valley fill overburden stockpiles, and two mine pits. As the mine expands, overburden and processed sand will be used to backfill the mine pits.

    * There will be no discharge of runoff water from the mine pit or the processing areas, and sediment controls will be used in other areas. Fugitive dust will be controlled through best management practices. The EPA has determined that the site does not fall within the New Source Performance Standard Subpart Ja, which applies to petroleum refineries.

    Following mining and prior to the release of the reclamation surety by the Division, all facilities will be removed, the site will be graded to slopes less than 2.5H:1V, six inches of soil will be applied, and the disturbed areas will be revegetated.

    The Board of Oil, Gas and Mining upheld the Division's decision to issue a permit for the PR Springs Mine. Any appeal of the decision must be made to the Utah Supreme Court.

  • Results of Customer Satisfaction Survey - 9/20/2012

    The Division completed our 2012 customer satisfaction survey on August 31. We appreciate the 192 responses received from our various stakeholders, resulting in a composite rating of 4.3 on a 1 to 5 scale. Our management is currently reviewing the detailed comments provided by the survey respondents. Please view a summary of the survey results on this Customer Survey.

  • Hydraulic Fracturing:

    Are you interested in obtaining more information on hydraulic fracturing, a.k.a. "fracking" in the media? Then, please click on this website: This website is a joint project of the Groundwater Protection Council and the Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission.




**ANNOUNCING the DOGM 2013 Earth Day Poster Contest check back for more information**

**DOGM 2013 Earth Day Call For Nominations**

The Utah Board of Oil, Gas and Mining is seeking nominations for 2013 Earth Day Awards. Earth Day Awards are presented each year to companies, organizations or individuals who go beyond what is required by regulation to protect the environment while developing Utah’s natural resources.

Awards are presented in each of three areas: oil and gas, minerals mining, and coal mining. Specific award categories include environmental improvement to an active mine site, exploration site, or producing field; outstanding results following applications of innovative environmental technology; and outstanding final reclamation or site restoration.

The board began the Earth Day Award program in 1991 and since then has recognized more than 100 companies or individuals for their excellence. Nominations must be received no later than January 31, 2013.

For more information, or to obtain a nomination form, contact Jim Springer at (801) 538-5324,