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John Baza, Director of Oil, Gas and Mining, State of Utah
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Director's Message

"The mining of coal, minerals, oil and natural gas production play an important part in Utah's economy, and without these natural resources we would not enjoy the standard of living we do in our modern society. The Division of Oil, Gas and Mining ensures our access to these natural resources in an environmentally responsible manner, while our Abandoned Mine Program works to protect the public from the dangers of unregulated past mining practices. Our employees really do make it happen."

John R. Baza
Utah Division of Oil, Gas and Mining

John Rodgers Associate Director Oil and Gas

John Rogers
Associate Director Oil and Gas,
Utah Division of Oil, Gas and Mining

Dana Dean Associate Director Mining

Dana Dean
Associate Director Mining,
Utah Division of Oil, Gas and Mining

Oil and gas production plays a vital role in the economy of Utah. The demand for reliable and affordable energy is essential for the well being of our state. Through wise public policy we can develop our natural resources which encourage economic growth and responds to public need.

At the Division of Oil, Gas and Mining, we support the environmentally responsible development of essential petroleum resources with a commitment to the public's safety, needs and education. We are committed to protecting the environment through the regulatory processes that monitor the growth of responsible energy development.

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"Our team has been busy this year and have done a tremendous job of staying on top of things. We are striving to meet the Governor's goal of 25% efficiency improvement over the next five years and our timeliness numbers are showing it. The Coal program achieved 100% on-time reviews for several quarters and has averaged 98% over the past two years. The Minerals program reached a new high of 75% this year. We have now added a person in Minerals and hope to get closer to the 100% goal as our staff more closely matches the workload.

Our Abandoned Mine Reclamation team has completed several projects throughout the state this year, putting out fires, cleaning up coal refuse and sealing dangerous mine openings. They have several more projects in the engineering phase. Those are expected to go to construction next year."


OGM Governor's ScoreCard

UTAH DIVISION OF OIL, GAS AND MINING - Performance Measurement

The Division of Oil,Gas and Mining (OGM) is committed to bringing value and innovation to Utah through service and technology. Each Quarter OGM renews their service levels to our customers via measurments of the number and timelinness of actions taken.

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    • Results of Customer Satisfaction Survey - 9/30/2014

      The Division completed our 2014 customer satisfaction survey on September 12. We appreciate the 229 responses received from our various stakeholders, resulting in a composite rating of 4.28 on a 1 to 5 scale. Our management is currently reviewing the detailed comments provided by the survey respondents. Please view a summary of the survey results via this link.

      2014 Cust Survey Chart PDF