Mission Statement: The mission of the Minerals Regulatory Program is to regulate exploration for, and development and reclamation of,non-coal mineral resources of the state in conformance with the Utah Mined Land Reclamation Act,UCA 40-8 in a manner which:

* supports the existence of a viable minerals mining industry to preserve the economic and physical well-being of the state and the nation;
* safeguards the environment while protecting public health and safety, and
* achieves the successful reclamation of lands affected by mineral mining activities.

Greater sage grouse populations are declining across the western United States. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service will make a decision in 2015 about whether to list the species under the Endangered Species Act. The Governors Conservation Plan for Greater Sage-grouse in Utah was written to prevent such a listing, and on February 10,2015, Governor Herbert issued an Executive Order requiring state agencies to coordinate implementation of the Conservation Plan to maintain, improve and enhance greater sage-grouse habitat. This plan is designed to eliminate the threats facing the sage-grouse populations while balancing the economic and social needs of the residents of Utah. Implementation of the Plan requires a cooperative effort among local, state, and Federal agencies, working in concert with private interests. The following map indicates the designated sage-grouse management areas. Please contact the Division if you are proposing a mining or exploration project within Sage-grouse habitat as shown on the map.

Utah Sage Grouse Management Area Map

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