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Governor's Score Card

Division of Oil, Gas and Mining

Summary of Permitting Mining Task Activites Issued from:

1/1/13 Through 3/31/13

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Total Done On Time: 60
Total Due: 60
Percent On Time: 100.00 %

IR's Due: 19
Total Issues Due: 41
IR's Done on Time: 19
Issues Sent On Time: 41
Water Reports Due: 25
Water Reports Done in Quarter: 27
Water Reports Done on Time: 25
Amendments Due: 11
Amendments Done in Quarter: 16
Amendments Done on Time: 11
Applications Due: 0
Applications Done in Quarter: 0
Applications Done on Time: 0
Explorations Due: 0
Explorations Done in Quarter: 0
Explorations Done on Time: 0
Renewals Due: 2
Renewals Done in Quarter: 2
Renewals Done on Time: 2
Midterms Due: 0
Midterms Done in Quarter: 0
Midterms Done on Time: 0
Annual Reports Due: 0
Annual Reports Done in Quarter: 0
Annual Reports Done on Time: 0
Bonds Due: 0
Bonds Done in Quarter: 0
Bonds Done on Time: 0
Notice Of Violation Done: 3
Cesation Orders: 0
Inspection Reports: 92